Top Ten blog posts of 2014

Finding a French Tutor

I love our community here at French Pemberley. In 2014 we grew from a brand new blog whose inaugural post was published February 2014 and now, 9 short months later, we have over 500 subscribers and an engaged facebook community of over 3,500. I have loved every word shared between us. This blog matters, because you make it matter. Thank you. Without further adieu, here are French Pemberley's Top Ten posts of 2014 (based on page views) 1.  … [Read more...]

A Christmas tree full of travel memories

best travel souvenirs christmas tree

Last week I shared some of our holiday decorations here at French Pemberley in a post I did in conjunction with the Procrastinator's Christmas Home tour. In that post, I shared a few pictures of our Christmas trees. Like any other Christmas trees, ours are  trees of memories, but Darcy and I have always loved traveling, and so collecting travel memories for our tree was something we did early on, because traveling was something we did very early … [Read more...]

The Procrastinator’s Home Christmas Tour

Christmas is one of my favorite seasons. We begin decorating French Pemberley the day after Thanksgiving, and spend the next several days putting up the Christmas trees (there are 3), hanging lights, and blanketing the house in merry décor.  This year, however, the week after Thanksgiving found me on holiday  with the entire family in San Diego for a week; the last trip of mine for 2014 (as I write this, Darcy is on a short trip to … [Read more...]

Urban Farm Design: 3 Tips to help you design the urban farm of your dreams

Successful urban farm design = marriage of sustainability + styleWhen I first purchased this one acre property in 2010, I knew I wanted to convert it into an urban farm (there was far too much land to not put it to some good, sustainable use) but as most beginners in something, I was concerned more about function and less about design.  And like most beginners, I was not happy with the initial results. I had function, but the spaces were not … [Read more...]

Photography Friday #8: European Road Trip 2014

I returned home this week from our European road trip. Before I share a few photos; here are a few numbers:Number of:Flights taken: 4Miles Driven: 1000Countries visited: 4 (Spain, France, Italy and Monaco)Cities Visited: 6 (Barcelona, Salou, Lyon, Marseilles, Turin, and Monte Carlo)My children I took with me: 3 (my three daughters accompanied us)Bags packed in total for 5 people (2 adults and 3 children): 4 checked plus 2 … [Read more...]

Stories mid-adventure…

"So far, we have driven over 1600 miles through France, Italy, Monaco and Spain, with kids, and the awesomeness can't be underrated. Even if Brooke (age 4) did throw up once in the rental car..."  On the 15th of this month, I left for a new adventure, excited for a blend of the familiar and the new.  I'm still on this amazing adventure but we are having a lazy day today and I actually have wifi so I was happy to have a … [Read more...]

(Time) Travel Tuesday: The Royal Wedding Trip

In 2011, we decided to take a trip to England. Then we thought, why not coordinate our trip dates with that of the Royal Wedding between Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Kate Middleton which was taking place on April 29,2011 at Westminster Abbey.    The day of the royal wedding--waiting at Buckingham Palace with so many other people--along with viewing Westminster Abbey the day after, were definite highlights of that particular trip, but … [Read more...]

Photography Friday 6: Paris is always a good idea

visit paris

 My first trip to Paris was a game changer. These photos are from that first trip, the second day. Though that was a few years ago, when I look at these photos, it is like I am right back there. And I am so happy because in less than a week, I will be. The mini lady liberty...   Me, at the Louvre...(my hair was so short then!) The Venus de Milo   The Mona Lisa Having a little museum fun... This … [Read more...]

Summer recipes…Farmer’s Market Rice

Eating healthy can be simple...and flavorful. This is a great meat-free summer recipe. The best part of it is, you do not have to turn on your oven. There are many variations, including mine. This is based off a recipe found in the "Eating Well: One Pot Meals" cookbook. I added and omitted ingredients to suit our taste, including omitting the parsnips and doubling the eggs so that it would be more filling, especially … [Read more...]