Our European Inspired Urban Farm: April 2015

Keeping backyard chickens on a urban farm

Springtime has arrived; however, since we currently reside in the Southwest, it will stay for about five whole minutes and then be replaced with several months of oppressive heat. I don't mind the summers here though; we travel often and being avid swimmers, we enjoy many an afternoon and evening in our  remodeled pool and outdoor living area. April is usually the month we start deciding on the new year travel destinations, and also on what we … [Read more...]

Les Couleurs…Learn how to say colors in French

French language, speak French, bilingual, colors

This year, when we started weekly lessons with our new French tutor, one thing was different...my two youngest daughters, ages 4 and 8 were now joining in the fun.  My eldest daughter already had some French lessons under her belt, but this is the first time we are doing any formal French learning with her younger sisters. Of course, they are starting, as most people do...with simple greetings, colors, numbers and the like. This past week they … [Read more...]

Merci Beaucoup to you and you!

I am so lucky that at the very beginning of French Pemberley, I was approached by some like minded friends and businesses who wanted to be a part of it. Thank you to these lovely and inspired May sponsors...The Painted Chateau I was smitten with the lovely Christine's shop and blog at first visit! The blog offers lovely inspirations...gorgeous photography, inspiring quotes...its a does of blog Heaven. The shop allows admiring reading … [Read more...]

The Fairy Gardens of French Pemberley: Gardens Past

We make fairy gardens every year here at French Pemberley and have done so since 2011. Sometimes we use real flowers in them, and sometimes we use artificial. You can use either and create a stunning garden. Last year, the girls helped me pick out some beautiful spring flowers: marigolds, primrose, cyclamen, ranunculus, and some gorgeous Soprano Lilac Spoons. I loved how their petals looked like little spoons. Every year, it has become a … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day (2014) at French Pemberley

I love St. Valentine's Day although it comes during a tough time of the year for us (Mr. Darcy is a CPA so getting out to dinner on Valentine's Day rarely happens), but we do our best to still make it special for each other and our 5 children. This year, we opted for a vintage themed little party here at French Pemberley. As  Darcy was at work, the attendees were myself and our five children, ages ranging from 13-3. We used only decorations … [Read more...]