The City of Love

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 Paris, the City of Love.   Valentine's Day has come and gone. Did you partake in chocolates?   Paris Chocolate Shop   Or perhaps your amour surprised  you with flowers?   Or maybe you were the recipient of jewels?   Cartier Jewelers,  Champs-Élysees  or perhaps a quiet dinner with a decadent dessert?   Whatever you did, however you celebrated, I hope your day was full … [Read more...]

Photography Friday #8: European Road Trip 2014

I returned home this week from our European road trip. Before I share a few photos; here are a few numbers:Number of:Flights taken: 4Miles Driven: 1000Countries visited: 4 (Spain, France, Italy and Monaco)Cities Visited: 6 (Barcelona, Salou, Lyon, Marseilles, Turin, and Monte Carlo)My children I took with me: 3 (my three daughters accompanied us)Bags packed in total for 5 people (2 adults and 3 children): 4 checked plus 2 … [Read more...]

(Time) Travel Tuesday: The Royal Wedding Trip

In 2011, we decided to take a trip to England. Then we thought, why not coordinate our trip dates with that of the Royal Wedding between Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Kate Middleton which was taking place on April 29,2011 at Westminster Abbey.    The day of the royal wedding--waiting at Buckingham Palace with so many other people--along with viewing Westminster Abbey the day after, were definite highlights of that particular trip, but … [Read more...]

Photography Friday 6: Paris is always a good idea

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 My first trip to Paris was a game changer. These photos are from that first trip, the second day. Though that was a few years ago, when I look at these photos, it is like I am right back there. And I am so happy because in less than a week, I will be. The mini lady liberty...   Me, at the Louvre...(my hair was so short then!) The Venus de Milo   The Mona Lisa Having a little museum fun... This … [Read more...]

Photography Friday #3: My first trip to Paris

My first trip to Paris was in November, 2011. I went alone, armed with a passport, three types of currency for the trip, 2 credit cards, one carry-on, a dictionary, a map of the arrondissements and a walking tour book. Words do not do justice how life changing it was for me to have complete anonymity as I strolled past sidewalk cafes, and knowing I was happily "lost in Paris" on purpose. Sometimes, getting lost … [Read more...]

Travel Tuesday: The Napa Valley Wine Train

One of the things that had been on my "bucket list" for awhile was a trip on the Napa Valley Wine Train in Napa Valley, California, and in May, Darcy and I finally booked our passage. We were on a short holiday in San Francisco and took a day trip down to Napa to enjoy this special tour. Leaving from the Fairmont downtown, it was a pleasant 90 minute drive to McKinstry Street Station in Napa where it departs from.  Their website … [Read more...]

Strawberries in Bruges

Summer is in full swing and strawberries are everywhere. My Grandfather had a strawberry farm and I can remember many (hot) summers picking berries (he paid me 15 cents a quart.) I picked a lot of berries trying to make spending money and to this day they are still my favorite fruit and make me think of him. I took this photo at an open air market in was the end of season and they looked so appealing. Crate after … [Read more...]

Photography Friday 1: A week in pictures at FP

This week found me home...checking on our plants and new orchard following an uncharacteristically hard thunderstorm, enjoying the newly redesigned pool space, helping Tucker acclimate to his new digs, and enjoying a date night with Darcy to one of my favorite restaurants. I also started doing some organizing in my kitchen. Staples in mason jars are a visually appealing design element on a previously bare kitchen counter. July is the last … [Read more...]

The Chickens of Giverny

The first time I went to France I stayed in Paris proper. My second visit, I ventured out to Normandy and Giverny. Giverny is famous for being where Impressionist artist Claude Monet made his home from 1883-1926. He is responsible for the gardens there, including its famous water garden.                       The famous … [Read more...]