French colours song (The Rainbow song)

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Recently, I wrote a post about learning colors in French. Here is a fun song, Arc-en-ciel, (or Rainbow in English)  that incorporates the colors. See how many of the color vocabulary from last time you can pick out in the lyric. I've included both the French and English lyrics below so this is a great way to help yourself or your kids practice colors, other vocabulary and pronunciation.  Warning: This song is super fun and will get stuck in your … [Read more...]

Les Couleurs…Learn how to say colors in French

French language, speak French, bilingual, colors

This year, when we started weekly lessons with our new French tutor, one thing was two youngest daughters, ages 4 and 8 were now joining in the fun.  My eldest daughter already had some French lessons under her belt, but this is the first time we are doing any formal French learning with her younger sisters. Of course, they are starting, as most people do...with simple greetings, colors, numbers and the like. This past week they … [Read more...]

Finding a French Tutor

Finding a French Tutor

Previously, I had decided that 2014 was going to be the year that I really learned French. And for the most part, I  have made a lot of progress, but not necessarily in practice. My vocabulary and reading skills definitely improved but not my pronunciation or conversational skills, because I wasn't taking my own advice. I was learning, but in a bit of a bubble, and I was lacking confidence. It was time to get more one on one instruction … [Read more...]

Top Ten blog posts of 2014

Finding a French Tutor

I love our community here at French Pemberley. In 2014 we grew from a brand new blog whose inaugural post was published February 2014 and now, 9 short months later, we have over 500 subscribers and an engaged facebook community of over 3,500. I have loved every word shared between us. This blog matters, because you make it matter. Thank you. Without further adieu, here are French Pemberley's Top Ten posts of 2014 (based on page views) 1.  … [Read more...]

10 Tips to learn a Second Language (Guest Post)

I am so happy today to turn the blog over to Nick C. from  Liverpool University online, who is offering us some great tips on how to keep that New Year's resolution to learn a new language in 2014. Enjoy! And if you have any to add, please do so in the comments! 10 Tips to Keep Your New Year's Resolution to Learn a Language in 2014Learning a new language is one of the best ways to improve your career prospects. With a new … [Read more...]

Learn French: How to use movies to gain language proficiency

I lived in Florida for several years back in the 90s. It is where I learned to speak some Spanish. A good friend of mine during those years was a native Spanish speaker who had learned English as an older student in school.  He told me that watching English TV had really helped him to become more fluent. Likewise, a friend who was an English speaker, who had learned to become fluent in Spanish, told me the same thing with a … [Read more...]

How to pronounce a French /R/

As a speech language pathologist, the sound that children typically have the most difficulty with, and the one most difficult to remediate is the phoneme /R/.  One of the later developing sounds, it is not considered late unless a child does not have it by age 7. It can also be a challenging sound for a second language learner to master as many different languages pronounce /R/ differently, but to sound truly fluent, we must master this … [Read more...]

Learning French: The MERCI Method Part 1, Mastering the Vocabulary

"Merci" in French means "thank you", but here at French Pemberley, MERCI also stands as the acronym for our own unique method for second language acquisition. If you followed our old blog this will be familiar, but was definitely something I wanted to share again with our new friends here! I previously introduced the MERCI method of second language acquisition ...which outlines the five things I felt were important when … [Read more...]

2014 is the year I’m really going to learn French PLUS a new French learners group to join!

Me, Paris, Nov. 2011If you have always wanted to learn French, dust off that old high school French, or just continue to improve your current level, now is a great time. There are more online communities and resources available to adult learners than ever before, and many communities have French speaker meet-up groups you can attend to practice. I have stopped and started my own French language learning journey more than a few … [Read more...]