The City of Love

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 Paris, the City of Love.   Valentine's Day has come and gone. Did you partake in chocolates?   Paris Chocolate Shop   Or perhaps your amour surprised  you with flowers?   Or maybe you were the recipient of jewels?   Cartier Jewelers,  Champs-Élysees  or perhaps a quiet dinner with a decadent dessert?   Whatever you did, however you celebrated, I hope your day was full … [Read more...]

Nous sommes Charlie…


I have pondered throughout this past week about whether to write a post regarding the terrorist attacks in France: The attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine which left 12 dead on Wednesday, the killing of a female police officer the following day, and the attack on a Kosher supermarket in which four more died. There are so many other political and news sites who could do it justice better than I, and there are other bloggers who … [Read more...]

A Year in Travel: 2014


2014 marked a fun year in the amount of traveling I was blessed to have the opportunity to do. Some were places I had been before, while some were brand new. The mix of the familiar favorites with new adventures made for a most wonderful year. Here's  a little summary of where the wind blew me in 2014... San Francisco, CA The Fairmont~Napa Valley Wine Train~Chinatown~Fisherman's Wharf~Golden Gate Bridge~Sausalito~The Trident~Robert Mondavi … [Read more...]

Top Ten blog posts of 2014

Finding a French Tutor

I love our community here at French Pemberley. In 2014 we grew from a brand new blog whose inaugural post was published February 2014 and now, 9 short months later, we have over 500 subscribers and an engaged facebook community of over 3,500. I have loved every word shared between us. This blog matters, because you make it matter. Thank you. Without further adieu, here are French Pemberley's Top Ten posts of 2014 (based on page views) 1.  … [Read more...]

Stories mid-adventure…

"So far, we have driven over 1600 miles through France, Italy, Monaco and Spain, with kids, and the awesomeness can't be underrated. Even if Brooke (age 4) did throw up once in the rental car..."  On the 15th of this month, I left for a new adventure, excited for a blend of the familiar and the new.  I'm still on this amazing adventure but we are having a lazy day today and I actually have wifi so I was happy to have a … [Read more...]

Photography Friday 6: Paris is always a good idea

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 My first trip to Paris was a game changer. These photos are from that first trip, the second day. Though that was a few years ago, when I look at these photos, it is like I am right back there. And I am so happy because in less than a week, I will be. The mini lady liberty...   Me, at the Louvre...(my hair was so short then!) The Venus de Milo   The Mona Lisa Having a little museum fun... This … [Read more...]

Travel Tuesday: The Button Shop of Montmartre: Dam Boutons

  My last trip to Paris I had a couple of areas I had my heart set on seeing that I had not gotten to in previous trips: The Marais and Montmartre. Our day in Montmartre was fabulous; what started as a very cold and wet day turned sunny and warmer though we were having such a good time we would not have noticed either way. We started at the Sacré-Coeur Basilica and from there I was set on finding the button shop of Montmartre, Dam … [Read more...]

When you visit Paris

                                         Me and my daughter Charlotte, age 5, May 2012There is a funny thing that happens when you go to Paris...and if you haven't been yet, you are just going to have to take my word for it...You fall in love … [Read more...]

Trocadero at Night

Paris Trocadero Eiffel Tower

I took these pictures from the esplanade du Trocadero. This area, between the two wings of the Palais de Chaillot, offers what many consider to be the best view of the Tour Eiffel. It is located in the 16th arrondissement, across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower. The hill of the Trocadéro is the hill of Chaillot, a former village. If you go at night, be sure to visit at the top of the hour when the twinkle lights go off for ten minutes. From … [Read more...]

Easter traditions in France

Easter in France is celebrated much the same way it is in America...there are religious observations and secular traditions all tied into a holiday that, for the French, is a three day holiday. Les cloches de Pâques: The church bells silence on the Thursday before Good Friday,  in acknowledgement of Jesus' death and do not ring again until Easter Sunday morning. Little children are told the bells have went off to Rome (to visit the … [Read more...]