A New Year full of Change and Writing Opportunities


Good morning, friends. 2015 is ushering in a lot of wonderful changes and writing opportunities here at French Pemberley. I have known this for awhile but finally have the green light to share the news... I am going to become a published author in 2015. I have been asked to be a contributor to a book that at its root purpose is to motivate and inspire other women. I am honored to have been selected for this opportunity. My chapter is … [Read more...]

Top Ten blog posts of 2014

Finding a French Tutor

I love our community here at French Pemberley. In 2014 we grew from a brand new blog whose inaugural post was published February 2014 and now, 9 short months later, we have over 500 subscribers and an engaged facebook community of over 3,500. I have loved every word shared between us. This blog matters, because you make it matter. Thank you. Without further adieu, here are French Pemberley's Top Ten posts of 2014 (based on page views) 1.  … [Read more...]

5 minutes for Mom Party Post: Welcome to French Pemberley

 I am excited today to share a bit about French Pemberley, as we have lots of new friends and followers. I'm Katie. I am a France lover married to an Englishman. Where those two truths meet, French Pemberley was born. I have been blogging since 2010 but at the end of 2013 made the decision to have a blog designated for all things travel related and inspired living at home. Travel inspires on its own and takes you to places you … [Read more...]

French Pinning

If you haven't discovered pinterest, it is a treasure trove of well....everything. Last year, when I kept seeing pinterest links on every blog all I could think is "one more thing I do NOT have time for...not doing it...not gonna suck me in"...Oh little did I know, Pinterest...what a beguiling mistress you are...singing your siren's song to me with ideas and inspiration on travel , French country décor and everything in between...It is more … [Read more...]

finally peaceful

January 2014 made four years I have been blogging. My life has went through so many changes since then...and so did my blogs, but the one constant through everything was me...so I am going to let my online space follow that lead...welcome to www.katieleighsullivan.com For me this change is necessary. I want to write about and share what I want to write about and share even if those things at first glance don't seem … [Read more...]