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Katie Sullivan author French Pemberley

                                                                                         Photo Credit: Street Lamp Photography

Bonjour! My name is Katie.

French Pemberley is my blog that shares information and inspiration on all things French.

So, here’s how it happened…

A few years ago, I began to travel frequently and took my first trip to France.  I  went alone, armed with a passport,  three types of currency for the trip, 2 credit cards, one carry-on, a dictionary, a map of the arrondissements and a walking tour book. Words do not do justice how life changing it was for me to have complete anonymity … happily “lost in Paris”…on purpose.

I had done a lot of domestic trips and even a few international before that, but that trip… it was the game changer. It changed my life; what I wanted out of life, how I wanted to live my life. Anyway, I came back completely inspired and started a great little blog called Katie’s Language Café that was mostly about learning French. That blog has had more than a few transformations, but French Pemberley was born from those previous attempts at finding my groove in blogland.  

paris cafe

Me, on that first trip to Paris, November 2011

A little about me…

I have a passion for my family, travel, all things French, good design, holistic health, and encouraging others to live their best life right now.  Mainly, I love  taking what I learn and see on my adventures and applying those inspirations and lessons to my life and home.  Posts here are work friendly, are 100% originally, authentically mine, and are not to be considered (ever) as the giving or receiving of medical or legal advice.  I am not a doctor, lawyer, therapists or psychologist. I am a traveler, mother, academic, yogi, lover, writer, knitter, daughter, sister, friend.

Me with my two eldest daughters, Palace of Versailles, Nov 2013

The mission of French Pemberley is to share a love of all things French, while (hopefully) inspiring others to lead inspired lives through travel, taste, and creating a beautiful space sanctuary to call home.  So whether you are wondering if Café Charlot is worth the crowds, anxious to read our latest traveling or remodeling tale, learning French,  wanting some French or boho inspired design ideas, you will find that here.

Me and two of my daughters, Dover Castle, England (Can you tell which one is all done with site seeing and picture taking for the day?) 
view of paris from montmartre

Me, Montmartre, Nov 2013


With 5 kids, a sense of humor helps! Me, The Louvre, Paris, 2011
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