Les Couleurs…Learn how to say colors in French

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This year, when we started weekly lessons with our new French tutor, one thing was different…my two youngest daughters, ages 4 and 8 were now joining in the fun.  My eldest daughter already had some French lessons under her belt, but this is the first time we are doing any formal French learning with her younger sisters. Of course, they are starting, as most people do…with simple greetings, colors, numbers and the like. This past week they have been working hard on colors.

Colors are always easy to learn and teach as you can practice this new vocabulary with a limitless number of other activities. Dressing? Ask your child for what is bleu? (blue) or rouge (red).  Eating? Point to the food that is jaune (yellow), and so forth. Don’t have kids? Quiz yourself.  Here are the colors for this lesson (a video follows so you can practice along):

(blon)–the /c/ at the end is not pronounced
(“vair”, the /t/ at the end is not pronounced
Remember the /r/ is a French /r/ and guttural.
 (/r(h)uzh (with the end /zh/ sound pronounced like the /s/ in “measure”
(gree, with the French /r/), the /s/ at the end is not pronounced.
**I find as a French language learner that the /r/ in blends such as /gr/ is one of the harder sounds to master. Practice makes perfect.
 (/zh/on). First sound like the /s/ in measure.
The vowel is a cross between a short /u/ and a short /o/.
 (mah-r(h)on). French /r/ in the middle.
**do NOT use brown when describing hair (brunette).
To describe hair, use “châtain”. Some also teach to use “brun” to describe hair, which means “dark”.
(with that same o/u vowel in the middle)
 (oh-ran/zh/. French /r/ in the middle.  last sound like /s/ in measure)
 (/rose/ with the French /r/)

And now lets hear them and practice saying them (video by travellinguist)…

Enchanted learning offers a French colours printable PDF booklet if you are a subscriber (click HERE to preview).

I also like to use the Let’s Learn French coloring book with my kids so that while they are learning a new vocabulary word we can practice saying the colors.

(Review how to make your French /r/ here).

Au Revoir,

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