The City of Love

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 Paris, the City of Love.


Valentine’s Day has come and gone.
Did you partake in chocolates?


Paris Chocolate Shop


Or perhaps your amour surprised  you with flowers?


bouquet, love, marriage
Or maybe you were the recipient of jewels?


Cartier Jewelers,  Champs-Élysees

 or perhaps a quiet dinner with a decadent dessert?


Whatever you did, however you celebrated, I hope your day was full of love.


 Thank you for being patient these past few weeks while I took care of things at home. Those of you who follow our Facebook page know my daughter had surgery (she is home now and fully recovered). I have some great posts planned for you this month, and some wonderful resources to share!
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    I went to Paris after graduating high school. I was fluent in French at the time (sadly, I have lost most of it, if not all since then) and had the time of my life. Thank you for spurring some happy memories for me!

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