A New Year full of Change and Writing Opportunities

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Good morning, friends.

2015 is ushering in a lot of wonderful changes and writing opportunities here at French Pemberley.

I have known this for awhile but finally have the green light to share the news…

I am going to become a published author in 2015.

I have been asked to be a contributor to a book that at its root purpose is to motivate and inspire other women. I am honored to have been selected for this opportunity. My chapter is due by January 20th (two weeks!) but I’m not trying to think about the timeline, and now that the holidays are over I’ve resumed working  diligently every day on the prose. The book is a traditional book and will be available to purchase here on my website, at amazon.com, and if you want a signed copy, in my Etsy shop. That reminds me, The French Pemberley Etsy shop will be opening very soon–another wonderful change of the New Year.

Around French Pemberley Home, we have finally decided what new home projects we plan to take on in the new year, while travel wise, we are still trying to decide which places we want to visit in 2015. We had so many wonderful experiences last year; 2014 will certainly be hard to top! I will say it appears another trip to England/France keeps topping the list. I am dying to get to the Normandy region of France and it looks like 2015 might be the year!

Lastly, I am in the process this week of migrating this blog to WordPress. I’m excited and optimistic for this move, though it will mean a change from Blogger which I have used for four years. I hope you will like the new design and format as it comes to light this week. We hope all links will work after the migration; though I might have to go back into some posts to reformat some texts and photos. For that reason, I am happy to do the migration now early in the year, and this also means all changes will be done prior to the book launching this spring!

Oh I almost forgot, with the new design, I made the decision to change the url of the blog. All previous pinterest pins will still work and the current url (www.katieleighsullivan.com) will forward automatically to our new one which will be www.frenchhomeandtravel.com.  

I would love to know what you have planned in 2015. Do you have a design project or a trip planned? Tell me about it! What opportunities are ahead for you?

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