Who’s hanging out at the Gershwin…

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A while back I shared with you mine and Darcy’s whirlwind date night to New York City, where we took in the Broadway Musical, Wicked. After the show, we looked for her picture in the Gershwin Theatre. We knew it had to be there and it was! I was so excited to find one of my all time favorite performers, inspirations, and heroes on the wall at the Gershwin Theatre.

Can you guess who it was we found?

(drum roll)….

****************************DAME JULIE ANDREWS*****************************

My favorite Julie Andrews role is Maria in The Sound Of Music. But what I love love love about her is how lady-like she is. How diplomatic she is. How classy she is. 

The world would  be a better place if young women stop emulating the Kardashians and started emulating the classy women of eras past. Julie Andrews inspires me to rise to be the best version of myself.

Who inspires you?

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    Katie – we must be “twins”. As a kid, I had a scrapbook just about Julie Andrews and memorized all the songs in “My Fair Lady” and “Camelot”. (I guess I'm dating myself here). She truly is a classy lady.

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    I love Julie Andrews. She is so classy and such an inspiration to me. I loved her in Sound of Music and even loved the role she played in “The Princess Diaries” too! Ah, you are a kindred spirit.

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