Travel Tuesdays: San Diego Festival of Sails

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We do alot of traveling with our kids. Sometimes we go all together, all 7 of us (We have 5 children under the age of 13) and other times, especially with International Trips, we “divide and conquer” like we did in May 2012 when I took our daughter Charlotte to Paris or last year when my husband and eldest daughter, went to Austria.

 When it comes to family trips and quick weekend getaways, California is always one of our top go-to destinations. Mr. Darcy lived there 10 years during college and several years after. I lived there from 1997-2002. We love the entire state and we have both called Southern and Northern CA cities home.

Today I am sharing a weekend trip past…when all seven of us headed to San Diego and enjoyed the Festival of Sails. Held every Labor Day weekend, this is a great way to spend a gorgeous weekend in September. Perhaps this will inspire you to plan your own trip there this fall.

At the time of our Festival of Sails trip, our eldest daughter was a competitive Irish Dancer and had a feis (pronounced “fesh” and is a competition) in San Diego. We jumped at the chance to turn the competition into a long Labor day weekend getaway in gorgeous San Diego.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn on the Bay on Harbour Blvd; right across from the Ocean. This allowed us to have amazing views, easy access to the Ocean and was only a few miles from Audrey’s competition which was being held in Coronado.  My girls loved the glass elevator that overlooked the ocean. The hotel is right across the street from the Star of India. The Star of India is the world’s oldest active sailing ship. A piece of maritime history, it is worth the visit.


We were in luck that the annual Festival of Sails was going on the same weekend we were in town. This festival allows you to purchase a ticket and then tour all the boats near the Star of India. Ticket holders are given a “passport” and then with each ship you board and tour (self tour), your passport is stamped. The kids thought this was great fun. People on each ship were more than happy to answer questions and share knowledge about each boat~~its size, speed, type and its history.

San Diego is a favorite family vacation spot of ours. This short weekend trip was no exception. Friendly people, the ocean, and the days we were there, the weather could not have been more perfect. I will leave you with a few more shots of the Festival of Sails in San Diego…

To plan your own Labor Day weekend visit this year to enjoy the Festival of Sails, click here to visit their website. Wishing you safe and happy travels…always,

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