The 2015 traveling season has begun


We haven't made any  decisions about any big trips for this year. Talks of possible scuba diving trip destinations come up here and there, as well as taking advantage of the current exchange rate between the Euro and the dollar, but we haven't been able to make up our minds yet. Both of us definitely want to spend more time at home this summer enjoying the pool renovation we did last year. There is something to be said for lazy summer days at … [Read more...]

French colours song (The Rainbow song)

French language, speak French, bilingual, colors

Recently, I wrote a post about learning colors in French. Here is a fun song, Arc-en-ciel, (or Rainbow in English)  that incorporates the colors. See how many of the color vocabulary from last time you can pick out in the lyric. I've included both the French and English lyrics below so this is a great way to help yourself or your kids practice colors, other vocabulary and pronunciation.  Warning: This song is super fun and will get stuck in your … [Read more...]

Our European Inspired Urban Farm: April 2015

Keeping backyard chickens on a urban farm

Springtime has arrived; however, since we currently reside in the Southwest, it will stay for about five whole minutes and then be replaced with several months of oppressive heat. I don't mind the summers here though; we travel often and being avid swimmers, we enjoy many an afternoon and evening in our  remodeled pool and outdoor living area. April is usually the month we start deciding on the new year travel destinations, and also on what we … [Read more...]

Les Couleurs…Learn how to say colors in French

French language, speak French, bilingual, colors

This year, when we started weekly lessons with our new French tutor, one thing was two youngest daughters, ages 4 and 8 were now joining in the fun.  My eldest daughter already had some French lessons under her belt, but this is the first time we are doing any formal French learning with her younger sisters. Of course, they are starting, as most people do...with simple greetings, colors, numbers and the like. This past week they … [Read more...]

Finding a French Tutor

Finding a French Tutor

Previously, I had decided that 2014 was going to be the year that I really learned French. And for the most part, I  have made a lot of progress, but not necessarily in practice. My vocabulary and reading skills definitely improved but not my pronunciation or conversational skills, because I wasn't taking my own advice. I was learning, but in a bit of a bubble, and I was lacking confidence. It was time to get more one on one instruction … [Read more...]

The City of Love

flowers, romance, marriage

 Paris, the City of Love.   Valentine's Day has come and gone. Did you partake in chocolates?   Paris Chocolate Shop   Or perhaps your amour surprised  you with flowers?   Or maybe you were the recipient of jewels?   Cartier Jewelers,  Champs-Élysees  or perhaps a quiet dinner with a decadent dessert?   Whatever you did, however you celebrated, I hope your day was full … [Read more...]

Sage Sausage and Duck Egg Frittata

duck eggs

I almost never eat meat or dairy. My family calls me a "Chegan" (cheating vegan), because while I rarely eat meat or dairy, sometimes I do so there it is. My family on the other hand loves to eat everything and their love language is food, so no matter what state my eating habits, in my kitchen, I'm cooking everything, all the time. This frittata recipe is my own take on an old sausage and potato frittata recipe I found when Darcy and I first … [Read more...]

Nous sommes Charlie…


I have pondered throughout this past week about whether to write a post regarding the terrorist attacks in France: The attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine which left 12 dead on Wednesday, the killing of a female police officer the following day, and the attack on a Kosher supermarket in which four more died. There are so many other political and news sites who could do it justice better than I, and there are other bloggers who … [Read more...]

A New Year full of Change and Writing Opportunities


Good morning, friends. 2015 is ushering in a lot of wonderful changes and writing opportunities here at French Pemberley. I have known this for awhile but finally have the green light to share the news... I am going to become a published author in 2015. I have been asked to be a contributor to a book that at its root purpose is to motivate and inspire other women. I am honored to have been selected for this opportunity. My chapter is … [Read more...]

A Year in Travel: 2014


2014 marked a fun year in the amount of traveling I was blessed to have the opportunity to do. Some were places I had been before, while some were brand new. The mix of the familiar favorites with new adventures made for a most wonderful year. Here's  a little summary of where the wind blew me in 2014... San Francisco, CA The Fairmont~Napa Valley Wine Train~Chinatown~Fisherman's Wharf~Golden Gate Bridge~Sausalito~The Trident~Robert Mondavi … [Read more...]